Automate Your Monetization & More: 3 New Success Stories

by Doug Borghese on Sep 20, 2022

As a dynamic mobile business looking to grow, you want to make optimizations quickly and easily. This doesn’t only mean mitigating variables from unforeseen nuisances like changing economic climates and shifting cultural trends. You have to take as much out of your manual workload as possible. In mobile ads, there is no greater way to reduce costs than knowing when to automate your monetization. And that’s just what the businesses below were looking to do when they decided to work with us.

We previously showed you 3 popular apps that accelerated growth through our solutions. Here are three more recent businesses and their apps who saw efficient and considerable success with AppLovin.

IdeaSolutions see immediate revenue growth with MAX migration

Italy-based productivity app company IdeaSolutions were previously using MoPub as their mediation solution of choice. Once the consolidation of MoPub came about, they needed to find another long-term monetization partner and a mediation platform that would give them access to user-friendly tools, automate their ad revenue growth, and provide the support they’d need.

After consulting with AppLovin, their development team was able to migrate Amerigo, their top-rated file management app, over to MAX. As a result of finding the benefits mentioned above through MAX, as well as the larger demand they now had access to, Amerigo saw 50% increase in its total ad revenue, and a 17.5% month-over-month IMP/DAU lift.

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Daily Yoga’s Day-0 ROAS improves massively with AppDiscovery

Daily Yoga is an industry-leading fitness and meditation platform whose team is based out of China. They experienced slowdowns in growth on their UA channels and had a harder time with performance evaluations for their app after Apple’s iOS 14.5 update was released, which introduced ATT (app tracking transparency). Their solution: a network that was capable of leveraging available insights to automate their campaigns. Not to mention needing to drive towards high-quality user traffic that would benefit from and opt into their subscription.

The Daily Yoga team heard about AppDiscovery, AppLovin’s machine learning-based smart UA solution. It had been recommended to them by word-of-mouth for its iOS performance. After choosing to try it, and despite these new iOS challenges, AppDiscovery improved Daily Yoga’s most valuable downfunnel event: subscriptions. Resultantly, they saw a 62% Day-0 ROAS improvement. A 100% month-over-month growth of installs derived from the U.S. on iOS followed.

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Audiomack’s quick ARPDAU increase through MAX

Audiomack is a New York-based company and platform dedicated to helping artists showcase and monetize their music. They had a very common goal in mind for their service, and that was to grow revenue through IAA (in-app advertising). Like IdeaSolutions, they needed to migrate their ad configurations to a new platform and do so quickly, to ensure they weren’t interrupting their creators’ payments.

When they migrated over to MAX, they were brought into MAX’s much larger demand pool, facilitated in a major way by AppLovin’s premium demand sources, AppDiscovery and ALX, the world’s largest RTB exchange with over 100+ DSPs. With AppLovin’s exclusive demand, alongside their traditional partners and many other networks and buyers clamoring for their ad inventory, they were able to drive a higher price for high-priority placements. The outcome showed in Audiomack’s immediate 25% increase in ARPDAU, as well as the over 45% increase in IMP/DAU that followed behind, with a massive potential for more ARPDAU increases in the future.

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Doug Borghese is Sr. Content Manager at AppLovin
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