Ad Mediation

What is Ad Mediation?

Ad mediation is a platform used by app developers to connect multiple ad networks to their app. It serves as an ad network optimizer for devs looking to increase their ad revenue. 

How does Ad Mediation work?

Ad mediation automates the optimization of the waterfall based on parameters set by publishers. When an ad request is sent, the mediation layer quickly decides which ad source will yield the highest CPM for that impression, and the optimal ad in that network is served.

The goal of ad mediation is to increase revenue for publishers by maximizing the monetization of ads, thus increasing the quality of ads served in any given transaction. By shifting ad sources around and making them compete for inventory, publishers are more likely to generate more revenue.

The model is also meant to keep publishers from needing to integrate multiple ad networks and develop the logic around when to serve each network’s ads   — instead, they can just plug into one mediation SDK (software development kit) to handle the optimization. 

In-app bidding is the most lucrative type of ad mediation. The old method of mediation is called the waterfall model.

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