AppLovin Policies for Publishers

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Effective: June 22, 2022


When you use the AppLovin Services, including the AppLovin Software Development Kit (“SDK”), as a Publisher (“you” or “your”), you must adhere to these AppLovin Policies for Publishers (the “Policies”).  These Policies apply in addition to any other policies or agreements governing your use of the AppLovin Services, including AppLovin’s Terms of Service.

AppLovin seeks to create a safe, fair, and transparent ecosystem for publishers to monetize their content and for advertisers to reach prospective customers with useful, relevant products and services.  Maintaining trust in the ads ecosystem and preserving the reputation and credibility of AppLovin, the AppLovin Services, and those that use the AppLovin Services, require setting minimum standards for publishers seeking to use the AppLovin Services.  

AppLovin may update these Policies at any time by posting the updated version on the AppLovin website.  If an update includes material changes, AppLovin will provide notice via email.  By continuing to use the AppLovin Services, you agree to the updated Policies.

General Compliance Obligations

Your business practices and data handling must comply with and not cause AppLovin to violate any applicable laws, regulatory requirements or self-regulatory guidance, intellectual property and license restrictions, any consents or disclosures required to integrate third-party technology with the AppLovin Services, and/or any third-party contractual terms, licenses, policies, or guidelines.

Content Restrictions

The Content Restrictions applicable to your use of the AppLovin Services fall into three categories:

  1. Minimum content requirements to use the AppLovin Services.
  2. Content that contains prohibited content will be rejected or removed and not eligible for monetization.
  3. Content that contains restricted content may be allowed to monetize depending on the local jurisdiction in which the content appears.

a. Minimum Content Requirements

In order to use the AppLovin Services, your Mobile Property must contain substantive, original content, and demonstrate signs of user engagement.

AppLovin does not work with any Mobile Property that:

  • Features mainly links or content from others without additional commentary, curation, or otherwise adding value to the content;
  • Contains more ads than Publisher content, or otherwise appears designed primarily to display ads;
  • Has little to no evidence of user engagement; and/or
  • Remains under construction.

b. Prohibited Content

Publishers may not use the AppLovin Services to monetize any of the following prohibited content categories:

  • Illegal or illicit products, activities, or services.
  • Sexually explicit or other adult content, including pornographic or highly suggestive content or images, explicit, obscured or implied sexual acts, or explicit or implied sexual language.
  • Graphic or explicit violence, including assault/rape, injury to human beings or animals, or any acts or torture or terrorism.
  • Harassment, intimidation, bullying, excessive profanity, threats, or content that can be characterized as hate speech that advocates violence or discrimination against any group, organization, or individual.  This includes groups, organizations, or individuals identified by their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability/medical condition, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, political association, or any other characteristic associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization.
  • Illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, or substance abuse.
  • Weapons and weapon accessories, including guns, gun accessories or ammunition, and explosives.
  • Content that violates or infringes upon any third-party intellectual property rights, including the sale or promotion of counterfeit products or file sharing, torrenting, or other infringing content, or content that violates or infringes any other third-party rights, including confidentiality obligations.
  • Defamatory or libelous content.
  • Content that makes misleading, deceptive, or unrealistic claims, or enables dishonest behavior.  This includes things like make-money-fast schemes, chain letters, or pyramid schemes, or products or services that help users mislead others or gain unauthorized access to systems, devices, or property.
  • False or misleading news.
  • Internet abuse, including the use or distribution of viruses or spyware/malware, corrupted files, or other materials that could damage, render inoperable, or gain unauthorized access to any computer, device, network, or any of the associated data or personal information.
  • Promotion of black-hat hacking, cracking, or warez.
  • Significant unmoderated user-generated content.  This includes apps that do not have a method to moderate user-generated content, a method to report or remove any misconduct, and/or the ability to remove or block users.

c. Restricted Content

Publishers may be permitted, in AppLovin’s sole discretion, to use the AppLovin Services to monetize any of the following restricted content categories, provided that they strictly adhere to any country-specific laws, rules, or regulations (including any age-related requirements), these Policies, and any other applicable AppLovin policies or agreements:

  • Alcohol;
  • Gambling apps or websites, including online or offline lotteries, casinos, and sports betting;
  • Political;
  • Tobacco;
  • Financial Services, investing, retirement planning, or similar;
  • Health and pharmaceutical products and services, including prescription drugs; and/or
  • Cause-based advertising.

If your Mobile Properties contain or may contain any of these restricted content categories or collect or may collect from end users information about any of these restricted content categories, you must notify the AppLovin account team.

Technical Requirements and Other Standards

  • Integration/Ad Space Setup. You must correctly integrate the AppLovin SDK as described in the AppLovin technical integration documentation available at
  • Site Ownership.  You must either own the Mobile Property on which you display ads or have a direct, contractual relationship with the owner of the Mobile Property on which you display ads.
  • Better Ads Standards.  Your Mobile Property must conform to the Better Ads Standards.  For more information about the types of disallowed ad experiences, please visit the Coalition for Better Ads.
  • Deceptive or Misleading Elements.  Your Mobile Property must not contain content, experiences, or behavior designed to be deceptive or misleading.  This includes elements like redirects to unwanted content without user action, navigation links that lead to an ad or landing page, typically non-clickable areas that lead to an ad or landing page when clicked, fake messages that lead to an ad or landing page when clicked, social engineering, browser history or settings manipulation, fake error messages or system flags, malware or unwanted software or downloads, requesting more permissions than are necessary for the proper functioning of the Mobile Property, or any other elements that attempt to trick a user into interactions.
  • Viewability.  To ensure the authenticity of impressions or clicks, ads must be visible (i.e., not hidden or invisible, out of page, stacked, or stuffed) and placed reasonably and oriented correctly within the content.  Ads that are not visible or reasonably viewable may be considered, in AppLovin’s sole discretion, invalid activity.  For more information, please visit AppLovin’s Terms of Service.
  • Final Auction for Mediation Purposes / Restrictions on Redirecting Inventory.  When you use the AppLovin Services for mediation purposes in connection with a given impression, the AppLovin Services serve as the final auction for that impression.  As such, once you have made an ad request for mediation through the AppLovin Services, you may not redirect the impression associated with that ad request through any other auction or system that allocates ad requests based on actual or estimated pricing information.
  • VPN Apps / VPN Connections.  You may not use the AppLovin Services in connection with apps that provide virtual private networks, proxy servers, or similar products or services.  This prohibition against use of the AppLovin Services in connection with apps that provide virtual private networks, proxy servers, or similar products or services does not apply to publishers that use the AppLovin Services only for mediation purposes. 
  • Audience/Authenticity.  Impressions and clicks on ads must be the result of legitimate human end user activity.  You may not artificially inflate impressions, clicks, or requests, or source traffic from pop-ups, pop-unders, forced redirects, or similar means.  AppLovin strictly prohibits invalid impressions, clicks, or requests or invalid traffic, and any inducement, design, or encouragement of the same, including through use of “robots” or “spiders” by you or any third party.  AppLovin shall determine, in AppLovin’s sole discretion, what constitutes valid impressions, clicks, and requests and valid traffic, and any payments to you will be withheld to reflect or adjusted to exclude any invalid activity.  For more information, please visit AppLovin’s Terms of Service.
  • Safety or Security Risks.  You may not use any content, app, or activity that interferes with the operation of the AppLovin Services, the normal operation of an end user’s device, or otherwise creates a safety or security risk to AppLovin, the AppLovin Services, or those that use the AppLovin Services, including any transmissions which may damage, interfere with, surreptitiously intercept, or expropriate any system, program, data or personal information.  Mobile Properties deemed unsafe or a security risk by AppLovin or reputable third parties may be suspended without further notice in AppLovin’s sole discretion until any safety or security issues have been addressed to AppLovin’s satisfaction.
  • Transparency.  Any ad request sent via the AppLovin SDK must contain all the requisite information and characteristics of the inventory and the actual traffic source must match the disclosed traffic source.  Any request must also include any applicable Do Not Track, Limit Ad Tracking, COPPA (as defined below) flags or flags related to laws of similar effect in any applicable jurisdiction, or other consent flags.

General Privacy Requirements  

You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning privacy and data protection. 

  • Privacy Policy: You must have and abide by a privacy policy for each Mobile Property that complies with all applicable laws and clearly discloses any data collection, usage, and transfer. The privacy policy must also disclose that third parties, including AppLovin, may be collecting and processing Personal Data for advertising purposes (including interest-based advertising), and that third-party measurement partners may be collecting and processing Personal Data as part of the Open Measurement Working Group to perform ad measurement and other services. To comply with this disclosure obligation with respect to AppLovin’s use of data, you have the option to display prominently the following language in your privacy policy: “We work with AppLovin to deliver ads in our mobile application. For more information about AppLovin’s collection and use of your information visit:”.
  • Notice and Consent: You must provide visible notice to end users and where necessary obtain a valid, specific, and informed consent from end users regarding the scope of collection, use, sharing, or other processing of data by AppLovin for advertising purposes (including for interest-based advertising).

    You must correctly integrate the AppLovin SDK and correctly collect consent and pass consent flag values in order to serve interest-based advertising to end users in the European Union, EFTA States, the United Kingdom, and other locations as legally required.

    AppLovin may provide you access to impression-level data delivered through the AppLovin SDK (“Impression Level Reporting”). If you receive Impression Level Reporting, you must obtain legally sufficient consent from Your end users before combining, commingling, correlating, associating, or merging any Impression Level Reporting data with personal data or enabling or allowing a third party to, combine, commingle, correlate, associate, or merge Impression Level Reporting data with personal data in any manner that exceeds the purposes authorized by such user consent.
  • Honoring Privacy Choices: You must respect all end user- or device-based privacy choices made known to you, including those limiting ad tracking or age gating.
  • California Do Not Sell: You are responsible for compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”), and any other California privacy legislation. If you use the AppLovin Services in a way that causes AppLovin to collect personal information from California residents, you must provide all notices and disclosures required by the CCPA and CPRA, including by clearly and conspicuously posting links to communicate to California residents that they may opt out of the sale or sharing of their personal information and that they may limit the use of their sensitive personal information. You must provide California residents with the option to opt out of the sale or sharing of their personal information and must correctly set “Do Not Sell” flag values via the AppLovin SDK and/or related APIs. 

Prohibition on Sensitive Personal Data

  • Demographics/Interest Targeting: You may only send demographic or interest-based targeting data in the fields designated for such data, as described in the AppLovin documentation available at You may not include any personal data, including demographic or interest-based targeting data, in any fields intended for contextual targeting (i.e., targeting based on the content of the app).
  • Sensitive Personal Data: You may not include in the data that you share with AppLovin any personal data about an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical affiliation or beliefs, trade-union membership, health, sex life or sexual orientation, criminal convictions or alleged commission of an offense, genetic data, biometric data, government-issued identifiers, financial account information, account log-in credentials, the contents of user communications, or precise geolocation information. You may not use any feature or functionality of the AppLovin Services to send, collect, share, track, infer, or identify any such sensitive categories of data.

Prohibition on Personal Information from Children and Child-Directed Apps 

You must comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) or laws of similar effect in any applicable jurisdiction in the collection and use of “Personal Information” (as defined by COPPA or other applicable laws) from children under the age of 13 or such higher ages as required by applicable laws. 

You may not provide AppLovin with personal information from children, and you may not use the AppLovin Services for any Mobile Property that (i) is “directed to children” or (ii) that knowingly collects personal information from children. 

If any Mobile Property within Your publisher network is designed for, or knowingly passes personal information from, children, you are in violation of these Policies and AppLovin’s Terms of Service and Your account(s) may be subject to immediate termination. You must comply with all applicable laws governing the collection and use of personal information from children in any jurisdictions where you have end users.


You may not use the AppLovin Services in a manner that abuses, exploits, undermines or otherwise disrupts the AppLovin Services. 

All pricing information, including revenue share or any information that would allow a third party to ascertain revenue share, constitutes AppLovin Confidential Information. You may not disclose pricing information, except as expressly permitted by AppLovin in writing.

The highest bid may not always win an auction, such as when a buyer, seller, or AppLovin specifies requirements on bidding terms, or specifies exclusions regarding who may buy inventory. The AppLovin Services allow for transactions in real time, and bids and offers may compete simultaneously against multiple other bids and offers.

AppLovin makes no guarantee regarding the level of impressions of ads, the timing of delivery of such impressions or the amount of any resulting payment to be made.


Any actual or suspected violation of these Policies (or any agreement governing your use of the AppLovin services, including AppLovin’s Terms of Service) may result, in AppLovin’s sole discretion, in AppLovin blocking or limiting ads from appearing against your Mobile Property, the suspension or termination of your account or access to the AppLovin Services, the imposition of limits on your account or access to the AppLovin Services, and/or the suspension, withholding, or termination of any payments potentially owed to you.  


Please contact [email protected] with any questions regarding these Policies. 

*Capitalized terms have the meanings ascribed to them in AppLovin’s Terms of Service, unless otherwise indicated.

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