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AppLovin Stands with Ukraine

by Katie Jansen on Mar 3, 2022

At AppLovin, we are deeply saddened by the violence and war that is occurring in Ukraine. We want to do all we can to support the people of Ukraine as they fight for their freedom.  

Many of our staff have ties to Ukraine and CIS countries, and we have partners and developers throughout the region, including Ukraine. We work with these teams daily and feel a deep connection to them.  Our team has expressed their desire to help. We are all inspired to rally and help our colleagues – and all Ukrainians – in need. 

AppLovin has partnered with the American Red Cross to set up a donation site for our team to donate directly. Additionally, we have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and will be doing more. We’re also matching contributions for our employees who are giving to this cause.

AppLovin Cares, our philanthropic employee volunteer group, supports and helps many nonprofits and causes around the globe via volunteering, donations, and events. Through this group, we have made substantial donations as a business to vetted organizations that are helping the people of Ukraine in a meaningful way and we want to share them with the community so that you can consider supporting these groups as well. 

  • International Medical Corps: International Medical Corps is responding to the conflict in Ukraine by expanding access to medical and mental health services for those living in affected communities.
  • Unicef: Children are the least responsible for armed conflict in Ukraine, but they suffer most from its consequences. UNICEF is on the ground in eastern Ukraine ramping up assistance for children to meet urgent and escalating needs for safe water, health care, nutrition, and protection. 
  • SaveLife: provide material and technical assistance to the Ukraine Armed Forces, as well as indirectly influence the Armed Forces and other state institutions, strengthening the capabilities of the army and developing society as a whole
  • Red Cross: The Ukrainian Red Cross has sprung into action, distributing more than 30,000 food and hygiene parcels and assisting with the evacuation of people with disabilities. Teams have provided first aid training to 1,000 people in metro stations and bomb shelters. Across the country, more than 3,000 staff and volunteers are supporting firefighters, medical and civil protection units.

The recovery of these events will take many years and we will continue to monitor and provide support for the people of Ukraine. If you are inclined, please consider supporting one of the organizations noted, or please give through the Red Cross donation page we have for employees, friends, family, and the community

Katie Jansen is AppLovin’s Chief Marketing Officer. In addition to her work, Katie is an advocate for women in tech and equality in the workplace.
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