Success Story

Audiomack switched to MAX and increased ARPDAU by 25%1

Audiomack is committed to helping artists share, promote, and monetize their work. In need of a new mediation solution, Audiomack turned to MAX, which allowed them to seamlessly migrate their configuration and immediately increase ARPDAU and IMP/DAU on iOS before making additional changes.



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Audiomack, co-founded in 2012 by Dave Macli and David Ponte, allows artists to freely share and promote their mixtapes, songs, and albums to millions of users around the world. In December 2020, they opened their monetization program, AMP, to creators in the US, Canada, and the UK, and then worldwide in July 2021. Audiomack reaches more than 20 million monthly users globally.


New York

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The Challenge

Grow revenue through IAA while delivering a premium user experience on low cost devices

With the shutdown of the MoPub platform, Audiomack needed to switch to a new mediation platform without disrupting their in-app advertising revenue so that they could continue to pay creators. As a music streaming service, creating a positive user experience and retaining users is important to Audiomack’s business strategy. Because a significant number of Audiomack users reside in Africa and run on older devices, it is important to limit the strain on devices from running multiple SDKs.

The Solution

AppLovin helped Audiomack migrate to MAX and immediately achieve higher ad revenue

More demand: AppLovin’s experts helped Audiomack seamlessly migrate and immediately earn more through MAX’s larger demand pool. Now, 100+ premium DSPs from the AppLovin Exchange compete for Audiomack’s inventory, in addition to their traditional partners.

All types of ad units: By combining demand for MRec and Native ad units, Audiomack was able to drive a higher price for its most valuable inventory: ads that appear in place of album art.

Better app performance: To improve app performance on lower-spec devices, Audiomack implemented MAX’s selective SDK initialization to create custom rules for activating SDKs based on user geo. This prevented SDK bloat and ensured a smooth app experience for every user.

The Results

Immediate ARPDAU increase with huge potential for more

Results stats
After migrating from MoPub to MAX, Audiomack saw an immediate increase in ARPDAU as a result of:
  • Increased demand for inventory in MAX’s competitive auctions
  • Blended demand for MRec & Native ad units, AudioMack’s most valuable inventory.
Audiomack implemented multiple A/B tests to optimize their waterfalls for all users, which included a test resulting in a 40% ARPDAU increase.3

In Summary

Increased demand fueled higher revenue

With MAX’s industry-leading number of networks & bidders and more than 100 DSP's on the AppLovin Exchange, Audiomack was able to significantly increase ARPDAU with a similar configuration to their previous mediation platform.

Increased efficiency via automation

After using MAX’s automated migration feature, Audiomack was able to dramatically decrease the amount of time they spent on managing their waterfall, improving overall efficiency while maintaining revenue growth.

Easy migration, immediate results

We had concerns about migrating monetization solutions, but with MAX it was surprisingly seamless and easy. After migrating, our ARPDAU jumped 25% with the exact same waterfall configuration we had at MoPub, and we continue to see lifts using MAX’s more advanced tools. We’re very optimistic about our future growth on the platform.

Dave Edwards
SVP of Revenue

125% ARPDAU lift on iOS from the 14 days prior to rollout (3/18-3/29) to most recent 14 days in writing (3/29-4/11)
2Imp/DAU lift on iOS from the 14 days prior to rollout (3/18-3/29) to most recent 14 days in writing (3/29-4/11)
3The A/B test was on Audiomack’s Android MREC ad unit exploring different price points across demand sources.

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