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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Your Home or Condo

Remodeling your home or condominium can be an exciting process for some, but a stressful one for some homeowners. From the kitchen, rooms, basement finishing, landscaping improvement, to bathroom renovation, there is a lot to consider. 

For some people, the bathroom is one of the most important parts of your house making it the first part of a house to be renovated. From planning, preparing the needed materials, calculating cost and budget, to finally making your dream bathroom a reality, it can be a daunting concept. 

It is crucial to do the right research and to know the rules or policies enforced within the condo board, before taking the time to call a remodeling company. Also, knowing how much it’ll cost you for the renovation and doing appropriate budgeting for the unexpected expenses is vital. It’s better to be prepared and have a proper calculation for all the costs. 

Knowing or having ideas about what design you would want is also important for remodeling companies, as well as how much space you have or how much space your dream bathroom will take up. It would also help to consult with professionals, when choosing the right materials and even with planning. If you haven’t thought of some ideas or designs for your dream bathroom, well, here are some of the most popular bathroom ideas


A touch of minimalism to a modern design is one of the most popular bathroom ideas for houses and condominiums. It is a very calm and pleasing style combined with the aesthetic of a minimalist bathroom. Even hotels do this kind of design as it reflects an elegant vibe and innovative architecture (see here). People nowadays are getting more into places that show the real charm and creativity put within that small space. This design will take your bathroom renovation to a whole new level. Although, keep in mind that making your dream bathroom into a reality depends on the style you want and the cost. 

The lowered lighting and wood tile is a great combination as it contrasts with each other. The small cabinet below is a perfect place to put your necessities. Some homeowners believe that having your cabinet in the bathroom is a great thing to add to your remodeling plan. The white tile on the wall gives balance to the other material used, which creates a strong and modern touch to this minimalist design. So, if you like to add elegance yet do not want to spend too much on your condo or house, then this design may suit you. 


This modern design differs in significant ways. It usually features a simple, sleek, and relatively undecorated style, as it is often well-suited for smaller bathrooms. Sharp angles and clean lines of this contemporary design may be a great benefit if you have a smaller space, although this feature also matches with a larger space.

To maximize elegance and efficiency, this space-saving design can be a great part of your bathroom. This particular design embodies a current “up to date” design trend or style, with similar materials, even decoration. That is why, even without references of design from the famous post-world war II period, this kind of design is often mistaken as modern.

It is one of the most popular trends for bathroom ideas. Traditional materials like porcelain, woods, and stones are usually featured in historical designs. Because this is a trendy design, it does not mean natural or more traditional materials can’t be featured. They match more than their authentic bygone counterparts when taking into account modern materials.

Contemporary bathroom materials widely vary, but this design features a choice of materials that have just become available lately. This contemporary design can create a sophisticated, elegant, and calm environment for your bathroom space. It is defined by a simple yet elegant combination that uses modern materials and clean line designs. The combination of different materials that you’ll be using is one major thing to consider for this contemporary design. 

Natural materials like stone, wood, granite, and stainless steel are the usual choice for this as it creates an elegant, captivating visual contrast that complements each other.


So if you’re looking for a design that gives a modern vibe with a touch of historical style to your bathroom, you might want to consider the contemporary design.

There are a lot of ideas you can get online and offline. It just varies on how much money you have, how much space you have for the renovation or remodeling, what your purpose is, and how much time you have to research the policies or rules within the condominium complex before executing the remodeling plan.

It may take a great length of time for the renovation to be completed. Since you’re living in a condominium, some of your neighbors wouldn’t want the inconvenience they may experience while you’re doing the renovation in your own space (think trash and noise). So be sure to do a lot of research, ask the condo board about what you need to know for the renovation, and have enough funds… then your dream bathroom will be a reality.

Things to Know About HOA’s Before Buying a Condo or Apartment

Being a first-timer condo homeowner can be stressful for some people who didn’t even do the right research before buying a condo unit. Some of us think that it’s the same as buying a house, but it’s not. This is because you’ll not only be sharing walls with other homeowners as well but also the amenities or recreational places within the building.

The HOA or homeowner’s association helps many processes from decision-making to maintaining a clean, safe, and community-friendly neighborhood. As part of the association, you can also help with making the rules and regulations that are enforced within the community. There are a lot of restrictive rules that can be annoying for some homeowners.

Here are some of the things to know about HOA’s before buying a condominium or apartment:


One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll have to pay for everything whether you use it or not.

 A good example of this is the amenities within the community, like the pools, clubs, sports halls, and so on. You’ll need to pay for it even though you’re not going to use them. It’s because living in residential communities is a package of legal rights and obligations. The living space you bought came with a package of almost everything within the community.

Having them sometimes can be a good thing, but not always. It’s like you’re paying for something without even getting to use or taste them. So, make sure to use them and take note of the time you can use these places, so you’ll know when it matches your schedule.

Make sure to check the additional fees and rules for guests, like your family and friends before you share these recreational places with them. As some amenities have different policies and regulations when it comes to guests.


For most condominium developments, HOA’s do not include property taxes. It could cost you a low approval amount compared to choosing a property that has lower or no fees at all if your HOA fees are higher. When deciding on how much mortgage you can afford, your HOA fees that you’ll need to pay monthly is considered by banks. This could result in dealing with annoying tradeoffs as you’re deciding on the properties. 

If you don’t have any connection with lenders, there’s an online mortgage calculator that might help you calculate the approximate mortgage payment for the capital you’re looking for. It will also help you input important information which includes the down payment that you’ve planned to pay.


Who would want to buy a product that has a problem? It’s the same thing with condo units. You have to avoid those condominiums with problems. Research about the residential community you’re planning to buy a house in. You might want to check both the tax litigation and legalization history and other general things to avoid issues in the future. It could also help to do research about the homeowner’s association. To protect and save yourself when you buy a condo, you could also attend their meetings. You can also get help from real estate agencies in Denver that have prior experience when you want to purchase it.

You don’t want to be a part of pending lawsuits there that you might find. Because of low dues and unpaid HOA fees, some have gone bankrupt. Lenders usually stop finance offers on the condo units, once they get delayed in receiving payments which could greatly affect the aftermarket values.

It’s good if they fund reserve for maintenance, repairs, and/or emergencies. Financial records for reserve funds, crime, and even misconduct are also important to review. If the condo unit price is low but the assessment for tax is high, you may be set to pay a tax bill that is higher than what you’re expecting. So make sure to check their recent property tax assessment.

To sum it up

Before you purchase a unit, make sure to take the time to research the HOA. Check out the mortgage approval, litigations, insurance, and tax property. Condominiums are a good investment if you take time to do the important steps before you purchase it.